Salcido Solutions

Welcome, Bienvenidos, Willkommen, Bienvenue, Velkommen!

Salcido Solutions provides project, contract and consulting services to companies in the residential energy efficiency industry.  Working with the REM/Rate™ software for 16 years gave me a unique perspective on businesses and tools in the industry.  During those years, I have developed a wide set of skills to help most any client.  My focus is providing superb customer service and building solid relationships.  My goal is to assist companies to push their products and services further while building a better business.  I have over 23 years experience in the building energy industry and am passionate about energy efficiency.  

Services offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy, data and technical analysis
  • Energy modeling
  • HERS support
  • Software consult
  • Energy code assistance
  • Project management
  • REM/Rate™ operational assistance

Ideal clients are:

  • Companies or individuals in the residential energy efficiency industry that are :
    • in need of temporary or permanent assistance,
    • that are not ready to invest in a full time employee,
    • looking to grow their business and seeking guidance on the industry as they strategize next steps,
    • needing specific project expertise not available with current staffing.

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Why am I doing this?

My work as a member of the REM/Rate™ Software team began in May of 1999.   During my time as team member and program manager, I have stressed the fine art of customer service.  During that time, I witnessed the growth and expansion of the Home Energy Rating System and the ENERGY STAR programs.  The REM Software was an integral part of that growth and we worked hard to serve the industry well and build lasting relationships.  Numerous small businesses entered the HERS industry and became very successful.  I find it personally rewarding helping businesses become successful in their pursuits be it with the services they provide or the products they create.  When we helped companies stay in business and grow after the housing crash in 2008, the rewards speak for themselves.   I am passionate about my work and happy to provide support at any level from remedial analysis to advising on technical committees with ICC, RESNET or BPI. 

Salcido Solutions can be of enormous benefit to companies that are looking to improve their business model or move in to the residential energy efficiency industry.  I can provide the expertise and professional guidance so you can focus on your core business or achieve long-range goals that may have been unobtainable within your budget.

I’m open to providing value for both short and long-term projects.